Insulated Panels

DSI insulated panel systems provide buildings with the perfect balance of strength, thermal efficiency, noise elimination, and a clean appearance. Our lightweight panels consist of an outer metal skin, bonded to an insulation board otherwise known as a core. The core material consists of expanded polystyrene of high uniform quality. Our facilities are capable of producing large scale projects due to our high production rate.


  • The exterior finish is available in fluted, reserve fluted, ribbed, or embossed panels.
  • The edge condition can be customized as tongue-in-groove, double tongue-in-groove, or taped.
  • All common insulation thicknesses are available, based on your project needs.
  • Concealed fasteners give the building a professional and modern finish.


Maintain the life of your building with the insulated panel’s durable, flexible, and lightweight faces. The DSI insulated panels have built-in thermal breaks to improve the efficiency of the insulation.

Economic Construction

The light weight makes the panels easy to carry and simple to form. Using these panels, the construction process assures rapid completion of the wall and roof system. This also reduces the cost of construction.

Sound and Thermal Resistance

DSI insulated panels provide superior sound-proofing. The laminated polyethlyene core prevents heat from penetrating the buildings, reducing energy and air conditioning costs. The Class 1 foam used within the panels makes it flame retardant. An external heat source is required to sustain combustion, otherwise the foam will self extinguish.

Typical Uses

Cleaning Rooms
Distribution Warehouses
Insulated Doors
Retail Shops
Walk-in Coolers

Cold Storage Units
Refrigerated Warehouses
Industrial Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Prefabricated Housing
Telecommunication Shelters
Food Processing Plants
Medical Units

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